How to Write Dissertation Research Methodology

Dissertation Research MethodologyThe research methodology is defined as the method by which you are going to perform your work in your research. The methodology is defined as the tactics that are used according to your research and what ways or techniques are you using in the collection of your data. While working on your dissertation with help of dissertation writing service providers it is important that you must understand the need to cater the idea of using research in the relevant manner. While dealing with research methodology it is important that you must know for start that what type of research ought to be conducted and then when you are able to decide it is essential that you must be able to do things in the best possible manner. It is also important that you must understand the kind of approach you are using for your work. As you must be aware that there are two types of research methods;

  1. Qualitative
  2. Quantitative


The qualitative research deals with the quality of your work. It means that while using this research you will have to keep in mind the various journals, books and criticisms for your research. It also means to use the sources that are quality which include all your authentic sources. While on the other hand the quantitative research will deal with the quantity of your work and it also means that you can use any sort of source to complete your work. It deals with more of the quantity than of quality. One must realize that the more one is able to realize the difference; the better will be the use of it. The qualitative use deals with more of the calculations using dissertation writing strategies and field work and on the other hand the quantitative deals with more of the criticism. The research methodology should first explain all these types of researches and then move forward.  Here are more tips for your research methodology:


The Sources: In the research methodology you must keep in mind your sources i.e. the primary sources or the secondary sources of work. While working on your sources you must mention them by name because you cannot just write the book of an author but you have to specify the name in clear. Also the sources both primary and secondary ought to be mentioned.


Data Collection: The tactics for data collection are also to be mentioned in your work also the way you have collected the data and what steps were taken for the collection of the research should be mentioned. The sources of data collection i.e. internet sources, liberary, online journals should be mentioned in detail.


Research Gap: The research gap has to be mentioned at the end of your work during education in online schools. While working on your research it is important that you must understand that the research gap is basically the point where you draw a comparison between your research and other researches of the world in order to make a difference and how far your work is able to give an authentic point.