How to Find References to Support Dissertation Topic?

To increase the authenticity of the dissertation, you should try to write a dissertation with the help of the best references. The biggest problem for the students is that they are not able to find the most relevant resources for their dissertation. Its reason is that they don’t have impressive research skills. Most of the students try to get a list of the best references from the expert writers of the dissertation writing services. Here, we will provide some important tips to write a dissertation with the help of the best references.
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  • Books

The books are considered as the most authentic and valid resources to gather the data for your dissertation. These books are easily available in the university, college, and public sector libraries. If you are not able to find any book on the internet, then you can get these books in the form of Ebooks from the different websites. There are also a lot of digital libraries from where you can get these books. The most important digital libraries to get the books related to your dissertation topic are given below;

  1. Academic Search
  2. PubMed/Medline
  3. ScienceDirect
  4. Web of Science
  5. Arts & Humanities Citation Index
  6. The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
  7. Information Bridge: Department of Energy Scientific and Technical Information


For example, if you are not able to find enough data from the books, then you can also read the articles that are related to your dissertation topic. There are millions of articles related to your dissertation topic are available on the internet. These articles are the best resources to gather the up-to-date information related to your topic. All the articles that are published in these educational journals are peer reviewed. There are a lot of journal articles are available in the libraries. The most important educational journals are given below;

  1. Journal of Teacher Education
  2. Journal of Educational Psychology
  3. Management in Education
  4. Economics of Education Review
  5. British Journal of Educational Studies
  6. Educational Administration Quarterly
  7. Educational Technology & Society
  • Websites

There are also a lot of websites from where you can get a huge amount of data for your dissertation. The best way to find the data for your dissertation from these websites is to search your keyword on the internet. The best search engines in this regard are Google and Bing. In order to get the most relevant results, you should try to search the data under the inverted commas.

  • Dissertation samples

You can also get enough data regarding your subject from the best dissertation samples. These best dissertation samples are easily available in the university libraries, ProQuest, Academic, and ResearchGate. You can also get a lot of dissertation samples from your supervisor, fellows, and senior students. The best way to collect the data from these samples is to find those samples that are relevant to your topic. You can also use these samples as a reference in your dissertation and it will also consider as the most authentic resources.