How to Write an Introduction for an Essay

How you introduce your essay is the most important part. The introduction of your essay plays a very important role in telling the reader what it is about and what to expect from it. An effective introduction assures that the reader goes through your entire essay in one go. The introduction of an essay basically not just tells what the essay is all about but it also shows the strengths of the writer related to his overall command on the topic.

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Explain Clearly:

When introducing the topic, make sure that you explain clearly what the essay is all about. Give out some details which the reader may find really enticing and then you can further move on to explain them in the rest of your written work with essay writing services. If you have got a rather technical topic to write on, then give a small explanation of the technical jargon used throughout the essay in the introduction as well.


Give Some Uncommon Information:

Make sure that you make your introduction really attention worthy by giving some uncommon, yet startling, information regarding the topic. However, make sure that whatever information you are going to provide your reader with should be authentic and verified by proper sources.


Introduce the What, Why and How of the Topic:

Your introduction should comprise of what the certain topic is, why you have selected it and how you are going to convey information about it to the reader. If you have selected a certain statement as the topic of your essay then you should have all the whys, what’s and how’s ready with you to defend your selected topic effectively.


Your First Sentence Should be Catchy:

The introduction can play a major role in making or breaking your impression through an article on short essay. Make sure that the very first sentence of your essay is catchy enough for your reader, so that he cannot simply resist himself from reading the rest of the essay. Your “uncommon fact” can also serve as the introductory sentence.


Be Clear Regarding What You Want to Write:

No matter how good your topic is, you cannot write a good introduction to the topic unless you are clear about what you want to write about in your essay. Your familiarity with the topic is highly necessary, so that the person who is reading your essay should know that you are actually an authority on what you have written.


Essay writing services also focus a lot on providing their clients with authentic yet amazing introductions of assignment solutions, so that they have a loyal following of their clients with a regular flow of work. For example, if you have a literary assignment, then you can start by introducing the characters of the play you are writing your essay on, and also by giving a brief yet a clear synopsis on the topic as well. In this case, if you have a statement which is otherwise not in accordance with the general consent of the people, you are able to handle your argument easily.