Technology is Revolutionized after Adopting Cloud Computing in Pakistan

Adopting Cloud Computing in PakistanCloud computing is the latest technology, which contains the characteristics of all other technologies like grid, distributed and ubiquitous computing. This technology is used in the business and production of the products to minimize the processing time and also remove the introduction of data centers. The users can use internet and they can have easy access to these technologies. This is the unique and wonderful web based approach, which provides service oriented technology to the clients.

On this paper, the introduction of the cloud computing is provided to the clients as technology and it can also overcome the results of the previous technologies, which are introduced in cloud computing. Now the users can use remote devices like mobile phones, personal computer, laptop, tabs and many more so that the clients can have access to the internet connections and use shared resources. Cloud computing provides software application as service and for the data storage and availability of the offline data to the clients.

Cloud Computing in Pakistan:

There are different companies, which have introduced different managed services and solutions to the customers. All these services and facilities are provided to the customers at 99.995% service availability and it is delivered to the highly reliable and scalable power, physical security and environmental control. There are different companies, which are busy in building the Tier-IV compliant data center in Pakistan, which were built over the viable business case to provide the services to the customers relating to the data centers. CubeXS has introduced first online email system in 2005 in Pakistan and it started cloud business in 2011 and it host the cloud customers serving company to the international and local clients with AT&T global node with long term contracts.

Revolution in Pakistan IT Industry:

The cloud computing is set of software, hardware, interfaces, storage, networks, which are providing the services with different features of the computing as services, which is provided to the customers over the internet. It is a service, which provides services from computing power to the computing infrastructure, business processes, applications to personal collaboration, which are delivered to the users on their demands. These are the internet based alternatives to use computer specific applications and the internet users use this technology since long. With the advent of this technology, the users use this web based services of webmail like Yahoo and Hotmail, and social media services like Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter, management application and Flickr photo sharing. The users can use cloud computing and they do not have to bear the cost of the hardware and software.

Oracle has carried out the estimates according to which any enterprise can save about 35 percent in operation expenses, 44 percent in electricity charges and 85 percent in physical cost. The big companies like Google, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and many others generated enough interest with economy of investment, and also earned from the qualitative considerations. There are different businesses, which change the operational characteristics, placing less emphasis on IT operations and the development of the businesses. With this technology of cloud computing, the developing economies can get the next generation tools, their applications and IT infrastructure. A recent study has revealed that all such businesses, which turned to cloud computing, they boosted their businesses and this technology is the software strategy in the world market.

If the customers look behind the business methodologies, they will find cloud computing and it has made everything possible and feasible to carry out their working successfully in the IT industry. Now all small and big businesses prefer the use of cloud computing to promote their businesses and this web based technology gives boost to the industry in the recent years. Now you can set up the business and get all these applications free and you do not need to install huge IT infrastructure as it can be more costly that the actual business is. There are many Pakistani businesses and organizations, which are looking for different ways to amalgamate the cloud computing to carry out their working. There are different telecom companies, electronic print media, banking sector and education have exceptional potential to use the latest and unique technologies in their enterprises like cloud computing to boost their businesses.

These technologies are used in the cloud infrastructure for business applications and database. Cloud computing is the useful and attractive technology, which has been introduced in local and multinational companies. Cloud computing is the important point of virtualization, management, automation and operation disciplines and now the businesses have the freedom and agility after using the cloud services in their businesses. Cloud computing is ready to replace the tools and the businessmen like to use this latest technology to get best out of it. It is hoped that this technology will work best to meet the demand of the customers and it will also develop their businesses. The use of this latest technology in different businesses have proved its utility and most of the technology based organized have successfully used this technology for the development of their business and they have improved a lot with its multi-faceted advantages.


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