Dissertation Appendix Guidelines and Format to Follow

Dissertation AppendixAn appendix can be best explained as the raw data or extra information that is mostly provided at the end or after the citation page in a dissertation about the main text. In most cases, the appendix is placed at the end while in some cases; the students are told by the teachers where to place the appendix.  The main purpose of the appendix is to provide clarification and provide details about the content of the paper.

If you are working on your dissertation or thesis, you must understand that while you are writing, you will come across a lot of information and details, but these details might not be directly related to the topic or the subject but need clarification. You can provide all the details in the appendix that will be a part of the paper but not directly related to the topic.  It would not be wrong to say that an appendix is a useful tool as it provides students a chance to provide complete information to the readers in case the reader is not familiar with what has been said.

According to a dissertation writing service, an appendix serves its purpose most efficiently as it ensures that the paper does not get boring with too many irrelevant details, but at the same time, the readers do not have a difficultly knowing what you are talking about as it will contain the background and reference information for the topic understand the discussion.

Guidelines For Writing Appendix In A Dissertation:

You must use the appendix to avoid using unnecessary details in the main body of the dissertation to keep it clear and precise, to supplement the information to the readers and tell them more about the topic or the subject, the appendix is used. Any detailed information that is not immediately required or must be included in the paper has to be moved to the appendix. It is necessary to understand that the readers must be able to understand the dissertation without the appendix, and you must not remove anything that is crucial and might affect the meaning or the focus of the dissertation. As it is intended for only supplying additional information, the appendix should only contain information that provided references to what has been written in the paper.

The Appendix Can Include:

Research results that are often presented variously and cannot be included in the paper due to lack of space or need. The main results will appear in the dissertation, but results that are less significant yet help the readers compare the two or understand what you are talking about can be put in the appendix. Additional information that is related to surveys, interviews, and other means of seeking the information as the readers might want to know what other methods have been used for collecting information. Readers can check out how you have reached certain conclusions, and as all this cannot be mentioned in the main content, it goes in an appendix.

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Copies of the letters and forms that have been used for writing the dissertation such as abbreviations, symbols, and other such things as they need to be explained in detail. The reader might be able to comprehend a few known symbols or abbreviations but might need some guidance to realize what you are talking about and what they mean, and they can be looked up in the appendix. Tables, figures, charts, illustrations, and other images or graphical representations that become a little too much for the main body of the dissertation. All these things that are not very significant and will not affect the readability of the content can be placed in the appendix.

Format For Appendix:

There are various ways of creating the appendix; however, you must use the one that has been recommended by the teacher in the dissertation guideline. You can go for one long appendix that contains everything, the content explanation as well as tables, charts, illustrations, and anything else you believe should be included in it.

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On the other hand, you can also make sub-sections in the appendix by separating interviews, abbreviations, and results and graphical representations into different parts. It not only gives a more organized look to the appendix but also makes it easy for the reader to go through the section and see everything at a glance. The appendix should have a number and clear title when using separate sections to help the readers find the required information most easily as the main purpose of using an appendix is to provide readers a clear path to understanding the content.